How IoT is set to transform the property industry


Much has been said and written about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential to transform virtually every industry, but what does it mean for the property sector – for property developers, owners, facility managers, tenants and users?

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Accelerating Digitalisation in Water

June 16: IoT State of the Nation event

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This prestigious and exclusive in-person event will set the scene of IoT in Australia, and will include the findings of key research benchmarking Australian IoT adoption and analysis of economic impact, including key insights from IoT-enabled digital transformation accelerated by the global pandemic. The event will feature key experts, government representatives and industry leaders to shine a light on the trajectory of the nation and the role of IoT in achieving our goals. This event will give you a fantastic overview of where IoT is in Australia, the challenges it faces and the direction we are going in the future.

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Australia’s premier Internet of Things conference is back!

We are excited to announce that IoT Impact, the official conference of IoT Alliance Australia, has merged with the IoT Festival and will take place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 October 2021.

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Lake Mac hackathon to test and create sensors

Lake Mac is gearing up for a hardware-based hackathon for businesses to test and create LoRaWAN sensors that can use the Zhaga receptacle in street lighting.

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Most new builds of physical infrastructure—roads, tunnels, airports, transport interchanges, bridges, buildings, utility networks—remain less than smart. But all new infrastructure is, or should be, informed by new sources and applications of data. Read Peter Leonard’s latest article published in Business Law Today:

City West Water- Digital Metering Case Study

IoTAA’s Water Workstream shares a case study by the Water Services Association of Australia and  IoTAA focussing on “City West Water – Digital Metering Program.
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