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ACOLA’s Internet of Things Report

The Australian Council of Learned Academies, ACOLA, has released their report on the Internet of Things at into which we have had considerable input.

Notably the report states, “the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research estimates IoT activity increased by $10.5 billion or 16.5%  from $63.8 billion in 2012-13 to $74.3 billion in 2016-17.  PwC has estimated that on average, a two% productivity increase p.a.  could be realised across each of these five industries in Australia representing 25% of Australia’s GDP in 2018: construction, healthcare, mining, agriculture, fishing and forestry, and manufacturing.”

Must read the Media Release,  Extract, Summary Report and/ or Full Report.

2020 IoT Award winners announced

The 2020 IoT Awards winners have been announced in a must-see online event for IoT users and sellers in Australian industry and government.

Watch the ceremony to see fascinating projects, polices, initiatives, people and products in 13 categories.

Watch the virtual awards ceremony by registering here. Thanks to everyone who entered the IoT Awards in this challenging year. Click below to watch the award ceremony.

Watch the awards ceremony >>>

Most new builds of physical infrastructure—roads, tunnels, airports, transport interchanges, bridges, buildings, utility networks—remain less than smart. But all new infrastructure is, or should be, informed by new sources and applications of data. Read Peter Leonard’s latest article published in Business Law Today:

Industry renewal through digital infrastructure

“My hope is that the shift and investment in digital infrastructure and collaboration we have seen during the last three months is a harbinger for continuing change and momentum. If not, we risk falling back..” Read more

City West Water- Digital Metering Case Study

IoTAA’s Water Workstream shares a case study by the Water Services Association of Australia and  IoTAA focussing on “City West Water – Digital Metering Program.
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