IoT Alliance Australia Workstreams and Key Programs

The Workstreams and Key Programs are the engine room of the IoTAA and drive the annual Work Program including IoT whitepapers, producing guidelines , building awareness and education, facilitating workshops and curating and participating in IoT Impact sessions and workshops. Workstream members comprise a broad mix of corporates, government departments and regulators, industry players, research and industry bodies.

The 13 Workstreams

Sectoral Workstreams

Smart Places & Infrastructure

Catalyses Australian IoT competitive advantage for Smart Cities in collaboration with urban infra related Workstreams.

Co-Chair: Sophia Chrysanthos, City of Parramatta

Co-Chair: Adam Beck, Urbanism

Food and Agribusiness

Increases the potential of the Australian agricultural sector through key digital productivity drivers underpinned by IoT.

Co-Chair: Jonathon Quigley, Sparklabscultiv8

Co- Chair: Ashley Rootsey, FoodAgilityCRC


Accelerates the adoption of IoT and related technologies in the Australian water sector to deliver value.

Chair: Paul Siemers, Melbourne Water

Vice-Chair: Sean Cohen, Suez


Connects the energy sector, enables knowledge sharing and develops IoT capability that enhances the energy value chain.

Co-Chair: Mark Atkinson, Telstra

Co-Chair: Ken Holder, KPMG


Helps the Australian manufacturing sector leverage step change business value from IoT and related technologies.

Co-Chair: Darren Hungerford, Downer Group

Co-Chair: Anthony Wong, Rockwell Automation


Promotes greater awareness of the IoT value proposition for healthcare in Australia and accelerates adoption.

Chair: Vlad Tohadze, TPG Telecom


Enable the Construction industry to embrace IoT technology to support better safety, compliance and productivity outcomes.

Co-Chair: Angus Kennard, Inauro

Co-Chair: Steve Lennon, GHD

Transport Services

Raises awareness of IoT capability in the Australian transport sector and promotes IoT enablement of major transport infrastructure.

Chair: Richard Duggan, NEC

Enabler Workstreams


Drives internal and external cooperation to leverage the strengths of all the workstreams. The Collaboration Workstream also guides external education across the IoT value chain.

Chair: Ken Holder, KPMG

Vice-Chair: Nadeen Jayasundara

Vice-Chair: Nam Nguyen, Infyra

Data Use, Access and Privacy

Assists with the regulatory, business and ethical challenges of big data to help accelerate sustainable commercial success in the IoT sector.

Chair: Sam Sneddon, Wollemi

Cybersecurity and Network Resilience

Provides leadership and good practice direction to the IoT sector and ensures Australian business has a competitive advantage through fit-for-purpose IoT security.

Chair: Matt Tett, Enex TestLab

Vice-Chair: Geoff Gerrand, Telstra


Drives understanding of the role and benefits of interoperability and provides guidance on how this can be implemented across industries.

Chair: Bill Wood, Arid Systems


Builds the Australian IoT start-up ecosystem through sustained community development to help Australian IoT start-ups succeed.

Co-Chair: David Goad, IBM Consulting Australia and New Zealand

Co-Chair: Matt Tati, Milcane

Co-Chair: Eike Zeller, Stone & Chalk