Sydney 24 July 2018: The IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) has launched a new Platform Selection Guideline to help Governments and companies choose among a huge array of available platform technology when starting their IoT projects or businesses.

The Guideline, created by an IoTAA Workstream chaired by Mr Geof Heydon, is designed to assist new IoT players confronted by more than 400 different IoT platforms now available to buyers.

Launching the Guideline at the Unwired Conference in Sydney today, IoTAA Executive Council Chairman, Mr John Stanton, said it had been formulated to give concise and relevant guidance to all Australian organisations seeking to adopt IoT technologies.

“The Guideline aims to provide a ‘running start’ for buyers to select between platforms so they can rapidly realise the potential of IoT in their product and service offerings to customers and in their internal business operations,” Mr Stanton said.

“I congratulate Geof and the Platforms & Interoperability Workstream on completing a very valuable contribution to Australia’s IoT journey.”

Mr Heydon said the Guideline drew on experience gleaned from early IoT projects, which showed the risk of failing to recognise the long-term implications of adopting IoT, and therefore overlooking key requirements when selecting an IoT platform.

“The Guideline walks through the typical four phases of IoT projects, from relatively simple projects designed to improve productivity, through to sophisticated systems that leverage data and analysis to guide future business decisions,” Mr Heydon said.

The Guideline provides advice on a range of criteria that come into play when selecting an IoT platform, including interoperability between different platforms – achievement of which is vital to ensuring that the promised benefits of a “Smart City” environment can be realised. The Workstream is now developing a specific Smart City focused set of guidelines for release later in the year.

Interoperability is also key to avoiding vendor ‘lock in’ which risks leaving investments stranded and/or forcing companies to pay more than necessary for future investments.

The Guideline also provides advice on data sharing, privacy protection and system security – all vital elements to consider when making platform acquisition decisions.

“The IoT Platform Selection Guideline is one in a series of IoTAA guidance documents designed to increase awareness and to help accelerate the rate of adoption of IoT for Australian economic and societal benefit,” said IoTAA CEO, Frank Zeichner.

The Guideline is freely available on the IoTAA website.


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