IoTAA is recognising companies that have positively impacted the adoption of the Internet of Things in the Australian economy.

WaterGroup Pty Ltd was announced as the winner of the first IoT Impact Award at the ACOMMS Awards dinner on 19 July.

WaterGroup is one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia, a leader in smart metering, leak detection, water loss and efficiency management and capture and reuse.

Case study: WaterGroup for Australian National University

WaterGroup deployed over 180 water monitoring devices across the ANU campus in August 2016. It took only six weeks for approximately $300,000 and approximately 57,000 kL in potential water usage savings to be identified.

The data collected by the smart meters is displayed on WaterGroup’s interactive smart metering website via graphs and stats. ANU can login to view and understand their usage. Data can also be transferred to any other nominated platform via FTP, API, Dropbox or email. Automatic alarms and reports were also set-up to inform ANU of unwarranted consumption in a timely manner and help save both water and costs.

The Smart Water Metering data was also used for sustainability challenges between on-campus housing groups to promote water efficiency and awareness within the student community.

The project is helping ANU in their strategic goal to drive down their water footprint and reduce their water utility costs.

WaterGroup demonstrates that a typical project delivers a return on investment of $2 for every $1 spent.

WaterGroup now has over 400 unique users registered on the Smart Metering Web Portal, receiving recurring automated updates on water usage in the form of alerts, reports, and automated graphic snap-shot emails.

WaterGroup delivers cutting edge solutions to the water industry and water consumers which utilise IoT technologies and practices. Achievements include Australian-first products and projects using IoT hardware and software technologies to increase efficiency, sustainability, and awareness of water use.

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