IoT Impact conference 2019 held on oct 15th & 16th, where IoT Impact award winners had been declared in the event. The details of winners as follows:

  • IoT Enablement award 2019 goes to City of Gold Coast for an amazing work on One Network (IoT) –LoRaWAN

          One Network (IoT) –LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN network helps to prevent environmental deterioration, avoid waste management issues, mitigate traffic congestion, and thwart urban crime, by implementing IoT. City’s one network concept is a strategic initiative to address the pervasive connectivity requirements for a variety of use cases through multi-tier connectivity based on fibre, public Wi-Fi and large scale LoRaWAN networks.

  • IoT Innovation award 2019 goes to Discovery Ag T/A Goanna Ag and SensaWeb for their efforts in innovated startups GoCanopy – maximizing water use efficiency – more crop per drop and Real Time Radiation Monitoring Solution respectively.

           GoCanopy – maximizing water use efficiency – more crop per drop:  Goanna Ag provided integrated IoT solution in partnership with CSIRO and CRDC, that both measures the real-time stress of the plant, and for the first time, accurately predicts the future onset of stress.

           Real Time Radiation Monitoring Solution : SensaWeb developed a specialised sensor-as-a-service solution to clients in highly regulated industries having an exposure to radiation infrastructure and/or operations.

  • IoT Industry Impact award 2019 goes to Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd for introducing an IoT based new business model by the project EMS Fuelsuite

          EMS Fuelsuite : EMS Fuelsuite provides solutions to petrol retailers to analyse data on the performance of their respective petrol stations using IoT cloud based data platform and also web applications. It helps to detect equipment malfunctions, leaks and maintain accurate data, not only for regulatory compliance but also commercial and OH&S reasons.


  • IoT Sustainability award 2019 goes to Telstra for a remarkable work on IoT Water Management Solution

          IoT Water Management Solution: Telstra’s IoT platform includes the water management dashboard and water management application which includes purpose-built management tools for monitoring and managing water meter data. The dashboard provides Water Utilities with views of daily or weekly water consumption, aggregated consumption over time, flow and trend analysis, as well as peak and non-peak consumption.