An alliance of Internet of Things (IoT) industry players, corporates and government, today launched Hypercat Australia as a technology standard to support the development of smart cities.

Hypercat (for hypermedia catalogue) is a UK developed alliance and standard that enables free communication from any connected IoT sensor or device being used to monitor an environment.

Increasingly, IoT is being used by smart cities to help inform decision making and improve city services, from air quality and energy usage to traffic flows and asset utilisation. The Anglo-Australian collaboration aims to establish Hypercat as a global standard.

Hypercat Australia was launched by the Hon Angus Taylor MP, Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, and Nick McInnes, British Consul General and Director General for Trade and Investment, at a special roundtable breakfast hosted by KPMG in Sydney.

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About Hypercat

The Hypercat Alliance is a not-for-profit organisation that is driving secure and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) for industry and cities. Hypercat has two main areas of focus. Firstly, it has created a standard which is making IoT data more discoverable and interoperable. Secondly, Hypercat has brought together a consortium to drive forward interoperable smart city innovation. Hypercat has nearly 1,000 members and growing.

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