IoT Project Information Database – Launching NOW

IoTAA’s Collaboration Workstream invites you to participate in the development of the IoT Project Information database. The database will capture a range of IoT projects that have been delivered or are under development in Australia. This initiative is intended to ultimately showcase and provide a directory projects, solutions, uses, capability, investment and collaboration opportunities for [...]

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IoT Insights: Digital Food and Agribusiness – 7 April 2022

The IoT Insights Series brings together leading experts, innovators and thought leaders for an evening of insights, knowledge sharing and discussions on key trends. It’s a deep dive into industry sectors and enablers, as well as an opportunity to network across industry, government, research and communities. Come April, we’ll be heading to Orange where we’ll be putting the Australian Food and Agribusiness sector under [...]

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IoT Impact – 9 June 2022

Get your IoT Impact Tickets before 10 March and save! IoTAA and our events partner, IoTHub, are offering IoTAA members a very special members-only price for IoT Impact. Get your tickets before 10 March, pay only $599 and join us at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 June! If you haven't attended IoT Impact before, this is where you go to get [...]

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IoT Impact has moved to 9 June 2022

IoT Impact is the industry ‘go to’ event to find out what others are doing in IoT, learn how it’s implemented in other sectors and increase your knowledge around best practice. Ongoing uncertainty around COVID forced us to change the date and we look forward to seeing you in person. Book early tickets here.

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IoT Insights: Digital Food & Agribusiness rescheduled to 7 April 2022

This IoT Insights event will focus on the Australian food and agribusiness sector. The past 5 years have seen IoT become a game changer and enabler of digital agriculture and we’re seeing rapid digitisation enabled by IoT connectivity, AgTech devices and apps. Join us to find out more. We changed the date due to COVID uncertainty [...]

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2020 IoT Award winners announced

The 2020 IoT Awards winners have been announced in a must-see online event for IoT users and sellers in Australian industry and government. Watch the ceremony to see fascinating projects, polices, initiatives, people and products in 13 categories. Watch the virtual awards ceremony by registering here. Thanks to everyone who entered the IoT Awards in this [...]

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IoT State of the Nation 2021, Tickets available now

Welcome to the annual IoT State of the Nation event, a fantastic way to kickstart the 2021 IoT Insights series. This prestigious and exclusive in-person event will set the scene of IoT in Australia, and will include the findings of key research benchmarking Australian IoT adoption and analysis of economic impact, including key insights from [...]

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ACOLA’s Internet of Things Report

The Australian Council of Learned Academies, ACOLA, has released their report on the Internet of Things at into which we have had considerable input. Notably the report states, "the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research estimates IoT activity increased by $10.5 billion or 16.5%  from $63.8 billion in 2012-13 to $74.3 billion in 2016-17.  [...]

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Industry renewal through digital infrastructure

Now more than ever, due to COVID-19, our country is experiencing a collective structural shift that is redefining how and where we work, how governments and industries collaborate, how we buy and how we appreciate where our vulnerabilities are. The good news is that Australians have demonstrated we can adapt en masse, if we understand [...]

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Age of Trust Episode 2: Protecting the Internet of Things

COVID-19 has highlighted Australia’s reliance on long and complex supply chains and there is pressure to both shorten and diversify them. In Episode 2 of the Age of Trust series, “Protecting the Internet of Things”, the CEO of IoT Alliance Australia Frank Zeichner and Verizon Senior Technologist Andy Lamrock talk to InnovationAus publisher Corrie McLeod, [...]

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